Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reading Ch.6 of Down These Mean Streets

     5- Comments
           1. The Spanish crew is just like the Italian one.
           2. Piri won Waneko's heart quicker than Rocky's.
           3. I can't believe Crip said he did nothing before he said he
            grabbed her butt.
           4. What kind of crew name is Jolly Rogers.
           5. Waneko's crew are sore losers.
     4- Questions
           1. How long did it take for Piri to move?
           2. Didn't Piri have friends in his old block?
           3. Did Piri's mom know what happened to him?
           4. Is Alfredo gay?
     3- Vocabulary
           1. -
     2- Literary Terms
           1. onomatopoeia- "pam-pa-pa-pam-pa-pa-pam-pa-pa", Piri's
            hand hitting the tin-covered walls.
           2. Direct Characterization- Piri tells you that Waneko has heart.
     1- Overview Sentence
           1. Piri finds a new crew and fight another crew, then go to some
            fagot's house.

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