Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Reading Ch.6 of Down These Mean Streets

     5- Comments
           1. The Spanish crew is just like the Italian one.
           2. Piri won Waneko's heart quicker than Rocky's.
           3. I can't believe Crip said he did nothing before he said he
            grabbed her butt.
           4. What kind of crew name is Jolly Rogers.
           5. Waneko's crew are sore losers.
     4- Questions
           1. How long did it take for Piri to move?
           2. Didn't Piri have friends in his old block?
           3. Did Piri's mom know what happened to him?
           4. Is Alfredo gay?
     3- Vocabulary
           1. -
     2- Literary Terms
           1. onomatopoeia- "pam-pa-pa-pam-pa-pa-pam-pa-pa", Piri's
            hand hitting the tin-covered walls.
           2. Direct Characterization- Piri tells you that Waneko has heart.
     1- Overview Sentence
           1. Piri finds a new crew and fight another crew, then go to some
            fagot's house.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reading Ch.5 of Down These Mean Streets

     5- Comments
           1. Too bad Piri doesn't know that boricuas are part Italian.
           2. Wow that Mrs.Powell is such a liar.
           3. I can't believe that Piri thought that overwrought means that.
           4. I can't imagine a Jew that speaks Spanish like a Puertorican.
           5. Piri's parents are exact opposites of each other.
     4- Questions
           1. So does Rocky respect Piri?
           2. Why was Piri's mom and dad having an argument?
           3. Does Piri believe in his religion?
           4. Why is it that the men in NYC have to much "pride"?
     3- Vocabulary
           1. Overwrought- extremely or excessively excited or agitated.
     2- Literary Terms
           1. Indirect Characterization- When Piri said the Jew's Spanish
            accent, it's saying that they're experienced.
     1- Overview Sentence
           1. Piri's dad loses his job at the WPA.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Reading Ch.4 of Down These Mean Streets

     5- Comments
           1. I thought Piri lived next to his spanish friends.
           2. I just noticed that when Piri says In a, Piri wrote it as "Inna".
           3. Piri wrote "SOB like Steinbeck, he put all of the words together             and instead of "of" he put av.
           4. I can't believe that Piri's dad slapped him in the face when he             got tar in his eyes.
           5. It's funny how Piri took advantage of how he was in the
            hospital just to get some roller skates.
     4- Questions
           1. Why did Piri's dad slap him?
           2. Did Rocky help Piri for he won't get in trouble?
           3. How was Piri able to tell that his dad smiled when he had the
              bandages on?
           4. In the next chapter is it going to skip his time in the hospital?
     3- Vocabulary
           1. Asphalt- a mixture of such substances with gravel, crushed
            rock, or the like, used for paving.
     2- Literary Terms
           1. Direct Characterization- Piri said that Rocky is a fighter
            because when Rocky was bleeding from his nose he sniffed
            instead of wiping his nose.
     1- Overview Sentence
           1. The introduction of Piri's new neighborhood, and the Italian

Friday, October 10, 2008

My ROAR Book

    The book that I have chosen for my ROAR project is Down These Mean Streets. I have already read up to Ch.3 but i have been slacking off on the blogging, so I'm going to make it up today if I have time, or if I don't have enough time I'll put it aside for tomorrow...