Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reading Ch.5 of Down These Mean Streets

     5- Comments
           1. Too bad Piri doesn't know that boricuas are part Italian.
           2. Wow that Mrs.Powell is such a liar.
           3. I can't believe that Piri thought that overwrought means that.
           4. I can't imagine a Jew that speaks Spanish like a Puertorican.
           5. Piri's parents are exact opposites of each other.
     4- Questions
           1. So does Rocky respect Piri?
           2. Why was Piri's mom and dad having an argument?
           3. Does Piri believe in his religion?
           4. Why is it that the men in NYC have to much "pride"?
     3- Vocabulary
           1. Overwrought- extremely or excessively excited or agitated.
     2- Literary Terms
           1. Indirect Characterization- When Piri said the Jew's Spanish
            accent, it's saying that they're experienced.
     1- Overview Sentence
           1. Piri's dad loses his job at the WPA.

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